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Mark’s New Year’s Travelution

2017 has been a busy and stressful year. If i’m not working, I’m out at events partying, and just generally enjoying life. My body definitely needs a holiday!!! That’s why my #SwordsTraveultion for 2018 is to visit the Body Holiday

Stuart’s New Year’s Travelution

This year I had the chance to visit Disneyland Paris  for their 25th anniversary. This was a child hood dream come true and the experience was truly magical. I recently went on a training with Swords Travel and Universal Orlando

usa south

Miriam’s Big American Adventure

On the 3rd January 2018 Miriam Margoyles Big America Adventure will air on BBC1 ar 9pm. During her trip Miriam visits middle America to see the changing voices of the nation. The areas that Miriam will pass through include Chicago,

polar bear in arctic

Arctic Snow Bears

If you’ve just been watching Snow Bears on TV, you’re probably like me and have fallen in love with them! As the program showed there are lots of encounters on the way for the cubs. Have you ever thought about

african tree house

Angela’s New Year’s Travelution

In the last few years I have tried lots of new destinations but mainly family holidays by the pool with me, the husband and the kids. However 2018 is going to be something that I want to do! My #SwordsTravelution