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Charlotte Binstead

Growing up, I was always fascinated by all things travel! The packing, the planes, the airports… you name it. I count my blessings that I have experienced travel since I was a young girl, growing up with memories that will last me a lifetime. Personally, I see my travel experiences as unique, as my brother is in a wheelchair and our holidays seemed much different to everyone else’s.

I learnt from a very young age how a person with a disability can travel with ease and what they must go through with the Special Assistance department at the airports to make sure they have a stress-free experience. As well as understanding the ways of travelling when you have a disability, I also worked in the wedding industry in 2018 where I received an insight on honeymoons.

I decided to go for my dreams in 2016 when I started my Level 2 Travel & Tourism course at Brooklands College. I adored my time at college, learning the ins and outs of the industry, going on amazing trips in the UK and abroad, and even doing my British Airways cabin crew qualification. I completed my course in 2019 achieving my Level 3.1 triple merit in Travel & Tourism, a pass in Spanish and my Cabin Crew Qualification with BA.

Growing up, I had family who lived and worked in Ostuni, Italy and I fell head over heels with the Italian lifestyle. The weather, the cuisine, the culture, and the welcoming people, it was a home away from home for me and I went out there as many times as I could each year. I travelled from Ostuni, to Naples, to Rome back in 2012 and that is an Italian dream everyone needs to experience.

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I have been working in travel for

1  years

My most memorable trip todate

My most memorable trip so far has to be New York, which I visited in 2016 with my parents. I was instantly blown away by the city’s beauty and culture. I was lucky enough to spent 10 full days in the Big Apple and I did what every tourist would do, I headed straight to Times Square, where I experienced so many different characters and nationalities in one place, from international tourists, people dressed up in costumes and typical New Yorker businessmen/women. The high-rise buildings were a sight I never grew bored of, they were mesmerising!

I stayed at the Lexington Hotel on 48th street which was only a 20-minute walk to Central Park, which is a place I would recommend everyone to experience at least once in their life. The food vendors, the surrounding nature, the wildlife, you cannot fault any of it. Of course, going to see the breath-taking views at the Empire State Building and the Rockefeller Centre is a core memory I will never forget.

The one thing that still blows my mind to this day is the food in New York. Ruby Tuesdays, The Cheesecake Factory, Fresh & Co, the small pizza joints… it was all to die for!

My top 5 destinations i have visited

  •  New York
  • Los Angeles
  •  Italy
  •  Cyprus
  •  Switzerland

My top 5 bucket list destinations to visit next

  •  Hawaii
  •  Costa Rica
  •  Bali
  • Canada
  • Japan

Where are you planning on going on holiday next

I am planning on going to Paphos, Cyprus for my next holiday.

The best thing about working in travel

For me its being able to express my passion for the industry whilst doing my job and having the opportunity to experience once in a lifetime trips.

My favourite hotel

The Langham, 5th Avenue, New York

My top travel tip

Take pictures! Whether it is of you, the beautiful sunset, or your colourful cocktail, you can then look back over the years to all the memories you made.

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